Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 13.53.12EXPO 2015 points to the issue of food quality

On 1 May through 31 October 2015, Milan (Italy) will host a world exhibition, EXPO 2015. Its main topic this year is “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”.

The show areas will focus on issues like feeding the humankind, continuing the gastronomy tradition and the importance of sustainable agricultural and food industry technologies, healthy and balanced nutrition and developmental cooperation.

Many futurologists are concerned about the quality of food in the future, especially about the chemicals and substitutes that are used as well as undernourishment and irresponsible consumption of food and related issues in the future. Italy has always sought to make food a central issue in the global community debate. The Expo Milano 2015 is therefore expected to renew focus on global issues.

The exhibition will welcome participants from 147 countries and international organisations and will send visitors on a breathtaking journey around the world of taste to experience the harmony of food, culture and tradition.

Twenty million people are expected to visit the half-year event.

The area of EXPO 2015 will form an integral landscape resembling an island surrounded by highways and water. Sited on an area of 100 hectares, the territory will be crossed by two perpendicular axes with zones of participating states situated next to them. In such a way, each country will be equally visible and accessible to the visitors.