Shared efforts for the upcoming expo

Large institutional forces are being pooled for Lithuania’s upcoming participation in world EXPO 2015. Preparations are being coordinated and carried out by the Ministry of Environment in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture.

The minister of environment, Kęstutis Trečiokas, and the minister of agriculture, Virginija Baltraitienė, have already discussed preparations for the upcoming fair for a number of times and on the 29’th December 2014 signed a joint order approving an action plan for 2015.

The world EXPO will be an opportunity for Lithuanian farmers and food producers, food growers and processors, researchers, gastronomists and confectioners as well as promoters of national heritage to present themselves. The Ministry of Agriculture will take care of delivering foods to the pavilion’s exposition, serving the bar and restaurant and tasting of the products. Additional staff will be temporarily employed to ensure successful coordination and publications and souvenirs that represent Lithuania will be procured.

The Ministry of Environment will carry on with the construction, finishing and operation of the pavilion, setting up the exposition, accommodation for the staff, arranging cultural, business and protocol events as well as dismantling of the pavilion and returning the land property to the hosts after the end of the expo.

The two ministries will be involved in selecting staff for the pavilion, publicity of participation in the expo and administration of the website.