Presentation of Lithuanian science potential in relation to food


Place: Lithuanian pavilion at Expo Milano 2015

Time: June 9th

The main goal of the event is to present Lithuanian science potential in the field of technologies related to food. The future food challenges that world is facing – food preservation, food packaging and food distribution – may be solved by the technologies created by Lithuanian scientists who created innovative solutions. The scientists represent Open R&D Lithuania Network which is the biggest excellence network of innovation infrastructure, services and competence in the Baltic countries. The network consists of modern, operating open access R&D facilities, equipment, services, and high-level R&D intellectual potential.

We kindly invite You to visit Lithuanian pavilion on 9th of June at 7 pm. Open R&D Lithuania Network will present newest technologies related to food:

  • Organic blackcurrant extract, suitable for food and cosmetic industries.
  • Smart device – Self-Service Food Parcel Terminals – more customers serviced at the same time, lower operating cost, route optimization, increased competitiveness.
  • Oil from the coffee grounds, which can be use in cosmetic industry.
  • Food tapes for fruits made from milk whey.
  • Innovative products of exceptional raw materials, which has a very valuable nutritional properties, such as freeze-dried berry powder drink, the traditional method of preserving fruit – jam, freeze-dried fruit and vegetables, organic asparagus.
  • LED lighting in horticulture for research applications.
  • Nano-crystals from hemp (powder-type material) – a raw material that can be used to produce environmentally friendly packaging.
  • Food grade aluminum foil. Synthesized food grade aluminum foil is coated with extremely thin and flexible anodic film which helps to prevent the growth of bacteria.

During Expo Milano 2015 we invite you to visit Lithuanian pavilion on June 8th – June 12th  to meet the representatives of prominent Lithuanian research centres and learn about their achievements.


We invite you to visit our pavilion!

Beata Barauskaitė

Marketing Specialist

Open R&D Lithuania Network

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