Builders of the Lithuanian pavilion lead the market

An Italian company called Bodino Engineering will be building the Lithuanian pavilion for the world EXPO 2015. It has been chosen from under twenty applicants based on its impressive track record and acceptable service price.

Bodino Engineering is Italy’s leading exhibition provider that specialises in the development and construction of temporary structures and sophisticated architectural solutions.

It specialises in the assembly of both interior and exterior structures. Bodino Engineering is also involved in the construction of pavilions for the international real estate corporation, Vanke, and China at EXPO 2015.

These pavilions are expected to be the most extravagant at the expo in Milan with original solutions of world-known architects (Daniel Libeskind and others) brought to life.

Bodino Engineering boasts a track record of more than 70 years of constructing this type of buildings. This Italian provider often wins contracts to build pavilions and temporary display halls for various exhibitions around the world.

Its customers include such well-known companies as Chopard, Versace, Tissot, Ferrari, Lamborghini and others.

Spanning a complete cycle of delivering projects from idea to structure, the company always tailors them to customer needs.